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This is a sketch of the place
of the sighting:
Area of BCN
and this graphic illustrates the motion:
              Speed vs. time:

Speed diagram
Overall time (from lighting to hiding) : 3 seconds Note that there is a short initial time in which the ellipse does not move at all.
The dashed arrow indicates the trajectory. Some 30 meters of length at its greatest moment. My subjective apreciation stands for this height, but could be a parallel yonder, perhaps above the median line of the Avenue.
Ignition phase
   This is the first image.
  It lights in the middle of the sky,
  like an old fashioned goose-neck
  lamp. It appears above the fašade
  of the rear building, some meters
  above (perhaps 5) and says fixed
  for a fraction of second.

   Here it has already moved.
  The trail is appearing.

   Now it is already in motion,
  accelerating. The ellipse looks
  at nacked eye like a nozzle
  from which comes out a trail
  but its impossible to the witness
  to precise which nuances suggest
  such impression (metallic cavity).

At full speed
   Now it is in full motion.
  The queue dissipates progressively,
  fading from white to black. Only
  grey shades without stepping.
  No variation in vertical. The
  white zones of the trail show
  the same white brilliant, with
  no difference in tonality.

   Well, I forgot a small detail: in fact the whole thing starts one second
   earlier in a very bland way: what I saw first was a shooting star falling from
   the upper right corner of the urban landscape shown in the previous page
   to a position pretty close to where the ellipse ignited, less than one second
   after the line of the shooting star disappeared. I always thought that both
   things happened in succesion by a chance, but do not discard the possibility
   of being part of one unique event. More ... in spanish.

   All the information found in these pages can be freely accesed,
   copied and reproducted, without any need to ask permision to me,
   respecting these principles:

      - Not to be used commercialy as a single document. Can be included
        in any commercial publication, on any soupport partially or
        totally, together with other stuff.
      - Shall not be modified nor twisted in such a way to make it mean
        something different to which is here expressed.
      - The source should be cited.

   Even if this is an intellectual creation, its contents belong to Mankind,
   not to the author. The picture with the image of the UFO is registered
   with the number M-12539-1986 .

   Technical realization: The animation has been generated with a Basic program
   which builds the frames and drives external programs to capture the screen,
   format conversion, clipping and assembly. These external programs are
   "freeware" and have downloaded from the Net. They are: Capture it!
   by Henrique Avila Vianna to grab the screen. Some tricks are required
   to invoke it from Basic. Cap2gif by Oliver Fromme to convert to gif format.
   Both are found in the package To clip the gifs around the
   area of interest have used gifclip by Gershon Elber, from his packages and To assemble the hundreds of frames have found
   the useful multigif, by Andy Wardley.
   However, the final palette and the first delay had to patch in hex,
   because the result was not right. (perhaps happened before)
   The pictures from photo have been taken with ScanJet from HP using  the
   included software from Visioneer. The Web space is courtesy of Angelfire,
   easy to create and mantain, thanks to its funtions of browse-upload
   and the editor. The WebMonkey has also been helpful, which I should
   look up more frequently. To all of them my acknowledge.
   The .gif format is a creation of Compuserve.

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