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The first thing I did the day after was, obviously, to read thoroughly the newspapers. After all this has always been my preferred source for this subject. The main flaw is that it doesn't deepens enough or misconstrue in some way the facts, but has the advantage that offers fresh data, which have not had time to be twisted for any purpose. The books about this subject offer a wider content but must be read standing a little off.
There was no new about. I was surprised because in such a place and time they should have been certainly more people in a better position than I, for instance around Pedralbes, coming down over any bulevard. It wasn't so, however. May be we are too much absorbed with our daily duties, or perhaps if anyone saw anything he decided not to say anything. In fact I hadn't seen too much. Only some showy details. It didn't make sense to tell my case to the press. Even, a funny guy used by this time to call by phone at random to tell everybody he was from Ganimedes.
It was only by the end December when I read, in ABC, I believe, that near Toulouse (south of France) the pilots of a commercial flight reported about two planes at a lower level "landing backwards". No need to say that the planes have a frontal light which forms a long and bright band on misty weather. This light is used to enlight the runaway when landing in the dark.

The cases I mention here are mostly from the local press. As long as I will not get any authorization to reproduce them I'll just outline. Who could be interested will have to consult a newspapers library.

Daily "Avui", Thursday April 1, 1993.
Article of C. Sabaté and J. Serrat about some lights seen over Catalonia. Ilustration of Balcells showing a long "trail" alike this one I saw.

El Periódico, Thursday April 1, 1993.
Lights, balls and trails over Barcelona city and L'Hospitalet (just aside).

La Vanguardia, Wenesday October 5, 1994.
Letters from the readers: Ufo above "El Vendrell"
Signed by Fernando Guirao, from Castelldefels.
Writes about lights and a trail.

La Vanguardia, Thursday October 13, 1994.
Letters from the readers: Ufo above "El Vendrell"
Signed by Teresa Cañizares, de Tordera.
Writes about lights and a trail, seen September 25, 1994.

La Vanguardia, Wenesday October 19, 1994.
Letters from the readers: Ufo above "El Vendrell"
Signed by José Alvarez López, de Oviedo.
Writes about lights and a trail, seen September 25, 1994, in travel.

Some days later:
The usual "know-it-all", killing the joy.(search him if you like)

Well, it seems nobody gives permission nor denies. I shall also set myself up as reporter.
To begin, I'll tell the case of Joël Moraine, a joung internaut I just met here, sitting at the next computer.
It happened in August 1980, in the south of France, in a middle point between Toulon and Nice, more exactly between Ste. Maxime and St. Raphaël, near the coast.
There was a training military center, Camp de Congers, were our witness fulfilled his military service. One night, around ten o clock, after dark, it was told in the camp that a "light" had been seen falling behind a near hill.
With no much reflection, our witness and a friend decided to venture field across taking advantage of the full moon, which allowed to go. They climbed up the hill and once there they looked around and didn't see anything special.
Our main witness has always been fond of looking the starring sky, then he explored the vault and fixed on the left of the moon, some diameters apart, one bright point more intense than he was used to see and which varied in bright and size. It went on so for some 5 minutes, until, all of a sudden, in a fraction of second, "this" turned into a white luminous ovale (at least so looked out to our witnesses) "really huge" (they said), a little on the left of the previous direction, covering the position of the point previously observed.
They felt as the "thing" just fell on them and their reaction was to crouch among the rocks. (Just hearing the tale is impressing).
Just a moment later, as they felt the danger was over, they turned their eyes to the sky and the saw a luminous triangle. Two vertices up and one down. All three vertices were lights of different colors and the sides of the triangle looked like white beam lights. This traveled "frontally" to the right. The witness doesn't remember exactly what happened with the white ovale. Either desapeared (more likely) or still existed but they fixed their attention in the surprising triangle.
They did not see any outline, but this triangle could be part of a bigger object.
This the triangle went on to the right an then up very quickly until it reached the starting point.
Once there, high in the sky, from this white point went out another one smaller. It went apart towards the moon and then, from the witnesses place of view, made a tour round the moon in a counterclockwise path until it rejoined the first which remained waiting in place. After, the point seemed to escape to the deep sky. This last performance doesn't seem to have to much sense if not seen just from the position of the witnesses, thus I would interpret it as a message: "Bye, we go to the moon."

Out of the cases told in the newspapers this last years one of them stands for me specialy out because his protagonist happened to explain his case himself in TV.
As announced for this ocasion, he appeared just in time in TVE (the only TV chain, the national, by this time, in the 70's), in a very sober studio, without the fanfare of the present ones. He was a very popular person: Mr. Rafael Peralta, well known, as well as his brother, as "rejoneadores" (toreadors riding a horse, armed with a spear).
He told, quite calm, that, as he was traveling in his car from Huelva to Sevilla (South of Spain), he saw some intermittent lights in a clearing in a grove on his right. He thought it was an ambulance helping some accidented, thus he decided to stop and see if he could help in any way.
Objeto metálico When he reached the place he discovered that the lights were of any ambulance at all, but of a flying saucer landed on the opposite side of the field. Perhaps at some tenths of meters. Right after this he realised that at his right, a few meters apart, was standing a vertical metalic cilinder of almost 2 meter high levitating at some 30 cm from the ground. The upper end was round, the lower rather flat with rounded borders.
He decided to come near to see it closer and observed that the lower half wasn't even, but regularly swollen ("michelin"-like). It seemed to have two half lateral parts, like joined legs, as a vertical divisory line could be remarked in this lower portion. Also, in the middle front zone it had like a control panel with pilots and other accesories. Some alike to a house gate intercom.
At this moment, the "panel" emitted a sound, similar to that one we can hear listening short wave radio communications, facsimil-like (gli-gli-gli), as seized by the witness. He imagined that a meningless message was been sent to him. Then he answered "what do you say?" (southern speaking way), shaking at the same time both arms (opening them and rising the hands).
As a result of this the cilinder took to his heels, keeping the vertical stand, towards the "saucer" and in a few seconds reached its back side. (Perhaps entered it across an entrance behind). Inmediatly after the object left off and desapeared in the sky. "I never saw in my life anyone running this way", said the witness.
I had the opportunity to review the local newspapers of these days and found in ABC (I don't remember the date) the sketch of the cilinder drawn by the witness itself. This cilinder could be a robot or a sound or, much better, a pessurized capsule, analogous to a diving bell. Inside it could have been an alien, which had emited the strange sound through the intercom.
It is self-evident that it happened a miscommunication. The communication process starts when the saucer announces itself with the intermittent lights, which is not very usual. Usualy they prefer to remain unnoticed. The witness answers to the lights by the fact of coming. It looks as planned. There is a host waiting for someone strategicaly placed. This accepts being approached by the witness, what seems to agree with a previously established protocol. The cilinder sends its message but the answer doesn't agree and the process aborts.
If the answer wasn't right could be because it wasn't given in the right language. Perhaps they were waiting for someone with a similar look, for the witness' appearance caused no reaction, but it could also be that he was not the right one. Then it could be a first deceiving contact or a failed meeting with a human (or disguised alien) who should communicate in such a language.

One other case that I can remember, read in La Vanguardia, cited sources of the NASA in a paragraph of a large article. It seemed that some astronauts observed from the shuttle one bright point whose path indicated it was in the way to enter our atmosphere to land. In a given moment, from several points of our upper atmosphere arose other luminous points converging to that one coming. When they approached to it, this made a sudden move and took an escaping path at high speed.
This reminds me the series Cosmos, of Carl Sagan, where this talks about the posibility of being already part, without our knowledge, of some galactic civilization, which could not be the only one. May be the true galactic war is rather "cold", made of stealth, secrets and "camouflages".

The video record made in Bogotá in December 20, 1999, showing an object, jet-propelled has been shown on TV worlwide. The record is said to be in the hands of the NASA. Hopefully we see any day an improved version. I've been able to see on TV only the jet, for some seconds. It looks alike to that one I show in the main page. I haven't seen the object itself. May be the object "encloses" itself in a bubble from which ejects its physical presence in the tridimensional space. The light coming from behind goes around and keep its normal path on the other side, so that from any direction appears transparent. Only the light generated inside (the trail) could be visible from outside, superimposed to the background.
May be it puts out the inert and gravitational mass (which are equivalent, according to the General Theory of the Relativity). So they could afford the surprising accelerations, feints and speeds observed, as well as the trips between planets at the least cost.
The theory of the bubble for interplanetary travels was exposed by Miguel Alcubierre, mexican physicist (See Science et Vie, Oct. 99, and Scientific American). In my opinion the relativistic contraction of the time could not be avoided. If this posibility were true, the camouflage bubble could not be perfect, because at its center should be a singularity: the light passing through it could have a "doubt" to decide to pass by one side or the other. The center of the bubble should be in some way visible, either as a dark spot, or a misty or a shining ball. (blue, white or orange balls have been seen many times floating in the air)

Past February 22, 2000, La vanguardia did an excellent coverage of a new about two burned circles in a barley crop, in Els Omellons, a small village of 270 inhabitants near Les Borges blanques, in the county of Les Garrigues (Lérida). Placed at some 100 km westward of Barcelone and 40 km before Lérida, near the highway (some 20 km). As the publisher doesn't deign to answer, I don't know if I can reproduce the article, but a facsimil can be found here. After studying the coverage and the picture I am prone to believe that it has happened a landing (or attempt) of two saucers. Imagining further, perhaps for a change of crew. In the sketch here below I illustrate my guess. The black circles show the area affected, but the crop is not really blackburnt, but only "withered" and it looks like dry straw.
The newspaper "El Periódico" publishes on March 8, 2000, a short coverage by Josep Tarragona offering the preliminary results of the Instituto de Investigaciones Espaciales Exobiológicas (IIEE) and the magazine Karma-7. They point out that the affected area seems to have been irradiated with microwaves. sketch of crop circles
The centered circle on the left its suppoused to be 26 m in diameter. The right one could have 36 m. It's reasonable, according to the sketches of the saucers, that they use periferic as well as central propulsion. May be the small ones have only "central".
A better report, in spanish

Otras marcas en un campo de trigo en Yugoslavia, del 30 de Mayo de 2001, en Odzaci

In the islamic world the news about apparitions are uncommon, but I remember a comment on TV years ago about some smoke or vapor written signals hight in the Argelian sky, in arabic writing and with a clear religious meaning. Just notice that the Islam is against idols, what means that avoids image's cult, while the calligraphy is highly appreciated.

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